Snoozzzeee Luxury Pet Bedding

You are on authentic website of the one and only “Original Snoozzzeee Dog & Snoozzzeee Cat” brand. The brand has been around since 1997, producing affordable designer Luxury Pet Beds and we welcome you to our online store.
What you will notice about our site is that we have a wide range of our branded products the majority cannot be found on any other seller’s site.

We invite you to browse and purchase the latest up to date designs direct from us at Snoozzzeee Dog. Snoozzzeee Dog has always been about friendly customer service, quality and innovation of selling the finest pet beds to our customers the world over. We never produce gimmick designs in pet beds, all our experience has taught us to produce simple, comfortable, yet practical and competitively priced products that have been tested time and time again since 1997.