Since 1997

My Snoozzzeee Dog branded pet beds have been produced and sold since 1997 all over the world,
we are now one of the oldest and recognised branded pet bed manufactures brand in the United
Kingdom. Over the years we have become more exclusive as we are not mass produced, we are not
sold in shops, department stores, supermarkets or through wholesale outlets anymore or dropped
shipped by other web sellers. The only way you can buy our branded beds in Deluxe, Xtreme and
Classic Cotton is direct from us at shows or through our web shop. We want to be an exclusive brand
pet bed manufacture, a bed that you can be proud to own and show, a bed that you can depend on,
which will perform and lasts after machine washing and tumble drying for years.

Some people say, we produce the best pet beds in the United Kingdom, some customers say we
have the best personal customer service in our industry, some people even say we are the friendliest
stand at shows or on the telephone from our office here in Nantwich Cheshire. We say, after 22
years in the industry producing our beloved Snoozzzeee Dog Brand, we should be all those things,
we should produce the finest looking pet beds in the United Kingdom. We look after our customers
and give a great customer experience and without doubt our love of our brand and the true belief
we do sell the best pet beds in the industry make us want to welcome more and more people onto
our stand at shows or visitors to our on- line website shop. We want you to join our Snoozzzeee Dog
family and be, “friends are forever!

We have improved and improved our product time and time again over the years, our products
Machine Wash better, they Tumble Dry Faster, they keep their shape longer, they don’t fade, they
don’t shrink, in short, if looked after properly our beds will last a dog’s life time.

We have listened to you our customers over the years, you said you wanted waterproof zips on our
loungers, your wish is our command, you said you wanted more ridged high sides on our oval dog
beds we obeyed, you wanted inner foam pads on our lounger that would always give support to
your pet and not go flat and wash, we did all this, you wanted Virgin Hollow Fibre stuffing in our sofa
beds that last longer we found the fibre, without you our critics, our customers, we could not move
forward to be what we are today.

We do not want to be big, we don’t want to be impersonal, we don’t want to compete against other
brands on price downgrading our products for vanity of turnover, we simply want to be the “One
and Only Original Snoozzzeee Dog” that for over 22 years people have trusted. Our aim is to go on
producing the finest affordable pet beds and accessories in the industry for your pet to enjoy; this
has always been my goal since 1997 and is still my goal today.

I am still the only woman creator and owner of a pet brand in the industry that puts her own image
on every product on every bed as a sign of guarantee.

I have sold millions of Snoozzzeee Dog beds over the years and still today my customer’s love them
and I have not lost my drive and energy to continue produce them.

I really hope you enjoy my new website and shopping experience.

May I welcome you to the World of Snoozzzeee Dog and that we can be friends for ever!







Sarah Spencer

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