About Us

The One and Only Original Snoozzzeee Dog & Snoozzzeee Cat brand now celebrates its 21st anniversary in 2018!
Sarah Spencer welcomes you to her online shopping store.What you will notice about our site is that we have a wide range of our branded products the majority cannot be found on any other seller’s site. We invite you to browse and purchase the latest up to date designs direct from us at Snoozzzeee Dog. Snoozzzeee Dog has always been about friendly customer service, quality and innovation of selling the finest pet beds to our customers the world over. We never produce gimmick designs in pet beds, all our experience has taught us to produce simple, comfortable, yet practical and competitively priced products that have been tested time and time again since 1997.

Sarah Spencer Snoozzzeee Dog pet bedding

All products that we produce have different properties and purposes, some good for outdoor use, such as our Xtreme Waterproof Range or perhaps giving your best friend the pick of our luxury range in Deluxe Design that gives a waterproof side encompassed with a luxurious fur flip side, some of our products are great for travelling like our quilted throws, some products can even be eaten, like our delicious Snoozzzeee Snax Pet Cookies and Jumbo Pigs Ears some can be used as a play thing for your pet such as the Snoozzzeee Dog Rope Toys, however all Snoozzzeee products are produced for one reason, to make your best friend’s days happy and enjoyable. We really hope you will enjoy browsing our new website that was designed for us by Jsayer Web Design Cheshire and find something for your dog or your cat to Snooze on, remember Sarah is the only person in the pet trade that has her image of guarantee on every item giving you the assurance of her passion and warranty that Snoozzzeee Dog has a no quibble money back guarantee if you are not 100% satisfied with the product you have purchased.

Many people from all walks of life, including professional or celebrity status have always said that “you cannot get a better name for a pet bed than the name Snoozzzeee Dog or Snoozzzeee Cat.” Hundreds of thousands of pets have found out that Snoozzzeee beds do exactly what they say… Snoozzzeee zzz.
Snoozzzee Dog and Snoozzzeee Cat and all images and characters are the registered trademark and copyright of Sarah Spencer since 1997.