Dog Dreams: Ensuring Your Pet Gets a Good Night’s Sleep

We love our canine friends. We love their loyalty, their personalities, and just how darned cute they are. Everyone wants the best for their dog. After all, a happy dog means a playful dog, resulting in a happy owner.

With this being said, it’s amazing how many people neglect their dog’s sleeping arrangements. Even the most loving and attentive owners occasionally purchase poor-quality dog beds and let them fall into states of disrepair. Would you be happy sleeping on a torn-up throw with more holes than a sieve? If you wouldn’t, chances are your dog won’t enjoy it too much either.

A little thought and appropriate investment in your dog’s bed goes a long way. Not only will the dog be happier, he or she will be healthier. Humans are never their best after poor-quality sleep, and this can result in long-term negative health effects. The same applies to dogs. In this article, we look at some of the advantages your dog can look forward to after you upgrade their sleeping arrangements.


Dogs are sensitive little creatures, and heat affects them drastically. Their bodies don’t have the same natural ability to regulate temperature that humans possess. As a matter of fact, in hot temperatures dogs are far more likely to suffer from heatstroke. Because they don’t sweat, they have no real effective means of cooling themselves.

While cold temperatures aren’t as risky – the fur serves as a useful winter coat – your dog’s mood still isn’t likely to be great if it has to shiver itself to sleep. This can lead to the dog becoming anxious and withdrawn.

Of course, because they’re dogs and they love us, they might attempt to hide any signs of discomfort. This is why it is imperative to ensure their sleeping arrangements are in order.

During the summer, your dog should sleep on a cool surface that will help to regulate its body temperature. This will keep the dog comfortable, and alleviate the risk of negative health effects during the night. Throughout winter, they should sleep on a soft, furry surface. They’ll enjoy curling themselves up in these snug beds, keeping their bodies warm through the night.

We offer a nice little solution to this doggy dilemma. Our Deluxe Range of dog beds are double-sided, featuring a cooling surface for Summer and a warm velvet surface for Winter. These are fully machine-washable, and designed to survive daily wear and tear.


Bones, joints and hard surfaces do not go well together. Imagine sleeping on the floor, with only a thin worn mattress to protect you from the floorboards. You’d wake up in a lot of pain, in an extremely bad mood. Well, the same goes for dogs, although of course they’re likely to hide their bad mood and try to tolerate the pain.

You need a high-quality, cushioned dog bed to ensure your pet gets a good night’s sleep. If they’re subject to sub-standard sleeping conditions for long periods, this can eventually lead to debilitating joint pain as the dog grows older. They need to sleep on a soft surface that gives them the support they need.

This also falls into the category of dog bed care. You want to invest in a high-quality dog bed that will survive any tossing and turning. If you notice that the bed is getting frayed and worn out, invest in a new one. Your dog will certainly thank you for it.

Deep Sleep

Did you know that dogs experience REM sleep in a similar manner to humans? This vital part of the sleep cycle involves the release of stress-releasing hormones from the pineal gland, reducing anxiety and improving behaviour. For a more in-depth analysis of the importance of this sleep phase, read this article. It also provides fascinating insight into why puppies twitch adorably when dreaming.

Given how important this phase of the sleep cycle is for dogs, it’s vital that they reach it. This ties into the above sections, but can’t be reiterated enough. Your dog needs to sleep on a comfortable surface, which optimises their body temperature depending on the season. If the dog doesn’t have this arrangement, it is likely to become stressed and its energy levels will suffer throughout the day.


This one’s more for the owner’s benefit! Dogs can occasionally be a bit of a handful when it comes to keeping the house clean. At times, it can feel like you spend half your life hoovering up after them!

If you invest in a high-quality dog bed that the dog enjoys spending time in, more of the detritus is likely to collect in one place. This saves time when it comes to cleaning up after the dog.

However, a word of caution. You don’t want to allow your dog to sleep in its own shed hair for too long, so make sure the dog bed is cleaned regularly. A machine-washable dog bed can help enormously with this.

Monitor and Adjust

The only one who can confirm they’re getting a good night’s sleep is the dog. Unfortunately, they’re often not very good at communicating this, so pay attention to your dog’s behaviour. Do they look too hot or too cold? Is their energy level consistently low? Keep an eye on your dog, and adjust their sleeping arrangements depending on the behavioural feedback you get.

Of course, outside of the essentials dogs have preferences as well. Some prefer a snug bed with a raised lining that they can snuggle themselves into. Others prefer something flat so they can stretch and extend themselves out. There’s not much you can do to anticipate this other than keep an eye on how your dog sleeps, and how it reacts to different beds throughout its life. However, as long as the basics are accounted for, your dog will get a good night’s sleep. It’s up to you as an owner to bond with your pet and work out what arrangement will give it a truly amazing night’s sleep.

So, in conclusion, temperature and cushioning are absolute vital factors to pay attention to when investing in a dog bed. You want the best for your dog, and your dog wants to feel happy and safe. By putting in a little time and thought, you can ensure your pet has a perfect night’s sleep and feels all the better for it.

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