Snoozzzeee Dog Supports Flyball

Snoozzzeee Dog are proud to support British Flyball, both as a presence at their events, and by providing their teams with premium dog beds. But what exactly is Flyball? As one of the hottest emerging sports in the world, we thought it would be fun to provide an overview.

Flyball – An Overview

Flyball is a team-based dog racing sport with a difference. Instead of being judged purely on speed, dog teams have to work in sync with each other, meaning that discipline and quality training is equally important to pure athleticism.

How does it Work

Races are held between two teams, each consisting of four dogs. A dog is released onto a straight track and runs to the other end where it retrieves a tennis ball. It then returns this to the team, where the next dog is released. Essentially, it’s a bit like dog relay.

Why is Discipline Important?

To maximise speed! A second dog cannot be released until the first is all the way across the start line. In order to achieve the best times, the team will normally release a dog a little back from the start line, so they can be moving at full speed by the time they hit it. In a perfect world, this means that the returning dog and the starting dog cross over the starting line at precisely the same time.

Who takes Part?

Dog lovers everywhere. Flyball is unusual among dog sports, in that it is open to mixed breeds alongside purebreds. Size doesn’t tend to be an issue either, so smaller, high-energy breeds such as Jack Russells and Whippet terriers compete happily alongside their larger counterparts. Flyball is considered to be fun for the dogs themselves, and the training regime is a great way for pets and their owners to bond.

Where do Snoozzzeee Dog fit in?

As enthusiastic fans, and by producing high quality luxury dog beds for the teams. We’ve recently started creating branded premium dog beds for professional Flyball teams, and the dogs seem to love them. In addition, you’ll find our stand at many great Flyball events around the country.

Where can I find out more?

The British Flyball Association has a fantastic website where you can find out more about Flyball, and lists all upcoming events. It also details information about how to get involved in the sport as a dog owner.


Many Flyball teams use and endorse our dog beds. Even as a non-competitor, your dog will still benefit from a great night’s sleep on one of our premium products. You can view out full range from this page. If you’d like to find out more about our products, give us a call on 01270 660966 or email